Story Structure

Here is the structure I use for stories

The Raconteur Story Structure

1. Story line

Three to five words the summarize what we contribute

2. Information and context

Why what we are doing presently is unacceptable

What we know.  New circumstances – new information, new ideas, new insights, new connections that will create new opportunities.

What is affecting our world ” The Forces of Change”.

3. The business we are in – Our purpose

Why we are in business from the perspective of the customer and the community. Not what we are doing but what is the benefit people will receive from it

4. The opportunity

This is what makes the future promising

The possibilities available to us.

Do we want to contribute more?
Do we want to be more self-sustaining?
Do want to do more with less?

5. The issue that we deal with

We need to be explicit so we can measure our success

6.Our focus

Our areas of interest around the issue

7. Ideas and initiatives

These are the ideas and initiatives we will move ahead on

8. How we contribute to the success of those we serve

This is how we will make those we serve more successful

9. What we contribute to the success of those we serve

The benefit people and community get from what we are doing

10. Our interests

How what we are doing contributes to our interests