Stories of Our Enterprise

We use stories to engage others in our enterprise. They don’t tell or sell but offer people the opportunity to join us if they are interested. Unlike vision statements and mission statements stories change with telling as each of us use the story we have been told to create our story of our involvement in the enterprise.

The story of our enterprise is about who we are, what we do , how we do it, and what we want to be. We tell our story more by what we do an how we do it rather than what we say.

A compelling story moves an idea from the head to the heart to the gut, from Ihink we can do it to I hope we can do it to we can do it. It moves people from the ordinary world to the special world.
What people want to hear in our story is:
– Why the present, the ordinary world is not acceptable
-Why the future, the special world is more promising
-That we know how to get them there
-That we know who they are, what they care about and that we care about them